the sunflower by jasmine jones.

there once was a sunflower, rugged and beautiful, with its roots stretched deep in the ground. she was accustomed to defending herself, as sunflowers do, by leaning forward and using her petals as a guard for her seeds. she often felt the sun beating down on her and knew that she needed to stretch herself wide to enjoy all of God's wonderful light, but every time she did, she felt her seeds being picked and taken away, whether it was by the hands of a crop worker, or by the birds that rightfully needed her nutrients to survive. but as she learned the laws of give and take, she soon realized that at times, there was more taking than giving. so she drooped, and sagged, until she was almost withered.

then one day the sunflower realized that despite how painful it was to be a part of such a cycle, it was a part of her being. and she would lose her entire being by trying so very hard to protect herself from the inevitable. so she decided to find the sun and face it, fully stretched out and blooming.

Kelvin HicksComment