brenda don't play.

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In a a large ballroom decorated with ice sculptures and other expensive things that will be tossed at the end of the night, like the gaudy custom flower arrangement that greets Barry, 27, and Sarah, who is also 27. Barry is wearing a tuxedo carrying a heavy plaque with Sarah’s name on it, while Sarah is wearing a beautiful off-white gown with diamond earrings that shimmer in a dark room. Sarah’s younger sister, Brenda, trails behind sipping champagne. Barry is worried that Brenda might get too intoxicated for this formal event but Sarah isn’t as bothered. Melissa, a beautiful woman a few years younger than Sarah greets them. She congratulates Sarah on her achievement and introduces herself. She says that Barry is a former co-worker, but her back is facing Barry and she’s extremely close to him. Sarah smiles and accepts the congratulatory hug, while Brenda is stands in the background monitors the interaction while finishing the rest of her glass of champagne. 

Melissa walks away and Sarah wonders out loud why she’s met most of Barry’s coworkers but not this one. Barry blames it on coincidence and the short amount of time they worked together. Before Sarah can continue to explore their relationship, she is whisked away by her Public Relations team. Sarah is an important writer and a small group of media were assembled in another room waiting to interview her. Barry smiles and waves at his loving wife as she leaves the large ballroom. Brenda fades into a mass of unfamiliar faces and Barry, now alone, scans the room for Melissa. Barry sees her at the bar. Melissa is drinking a glass of rosé when Barry joins her. Barry is stern in his tone when he says that he doesn’t want her talking to his wife. Melissa responds that she can speak to whomever she wants.

Brenda exits the restroom and scans the room in search of someone from her party. She spots Barry. Barry is standing at the bar next to that woman again. Melissa gently touches Barry earlobe, Barry moves his head after allowing himself to bask Melissa’s touch. Brenda watches from across the room. Barry sees Brenda watching him so he flashes a fake smile at her and leaves the bar. The evening is winding down, Brenda is now carrying her heels in her hand as she, Barry and Sarah head to the elevator. She’s following closely behind the couple again but her eyelid is doing that drunk thing. she  stares at the back of Barry’s head. She never noticed the knot in the back of his head. The elevator opens and it is empty. The trio file in the elevator and the door closes. Brenda asks Barry about Melissa touching his ear. Barry blows her off calling Melissa a sister to him like she is. Brenda drops her shoes and begins to swing her fists violently punching Barry in the jaw. The rest of the shots grazed Barry’s shoulders and back. The elevator stops at the first floor as Brenda slides her feet into her heels. She walks out the elevator first, leaving Barry and Sarah behind. Barry and Sarah exit the elevator together. Sarah smirks at the paparazzi while Barry soothes his sore face.

Kelvin Hicks