matilda (1996)

matilda (1996)

the cake gets cut into tetrahedrons and gets passed around for all to take slice. a line forms in front of me. “single file please.” we bunch together, pushing and shoving, in hopes to taste that sweet cake. like all good things, it doesn’t last. the line has now formed and i’m so far. i know i’m not first but i’m damned sure not last but you remember what ricky bobby said. the line moves at a turtle’s pace as we all shuffle our feet ahead. i stand on my toes and use my neck like a periscope to get a better view.

my stomach is nauseous as my heart flutters. it’s finally my turn. there’s only one piece left and it’s all for me. as i walk away from the devastated and hungry, i notice that i’m the only one left with a slice. everyone ahead of me ate their slices. cake, while delicious, isn’t filling. they’re still hungry. eyes watch me closely. their eyes filled with bloodlust. i’m frodo with the ring, aladdin with the lamp, or the man with the most beautiful woman in the world on his arm. one is not like the other but all are priceless. i’m less nervous now than when i was waiting in line. 

why should i be afraid? i’ll walk fast but i won’t run. they don’t understand that i’ll take a head off to keep my cake. i bust two rights and a left and now we’re all alone. it’s just me and you. before i take a bite, i stop to think. what will i do when you’re gone? will i be another man hungry, starving for another chance to have you again? cake was meant to be eaten and not to be held. i want to eat you but i’ll be devastated without you. maybe i should eat it slowly and savor every bite or maybe i can freeze it for a hot summer day when. like a ton of bricks it hits. an epiphany that won’t solve my crisis but it’s so true: i want my cake and eat it too. can you marry a slice of cake?

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