La Jetee, 1962

La Jetee, 1962

eyes wide open, i’m waking up in a cold sweat. you chased me down in my sleep. night terrors, the creep standing at my door. the rest of my day is a haze. all i can think about is seeing you again. no matter how i far i run on this plane, you always catch me on the next. on to the next, or at least that’s what i told them.

its been 5 years and i love you still. it was your fault, then mine and yours again. scraps of what could’ve been lay crumbled on the floor. words that i regret putting in the universe. my heart has thawed but can i act as if it never happened? only your sweetness can overpower the bitter taste in my mouth.

another day gone and another night upon us. my eyes grow tired but i fight to remain awake. what was a blink has now become a slumber. the deeper i fall the closer i feel you next me. will it be a dream or a nightmare? i only know when i close my eyes. i pray i wake up next to you. my chances are slim. the grudges i hold can last forever. ice grilling at the pearly gates because i still remember when.

Kelvin Hicks