top 10 soulja boy mixtapes.

i had one of the biggest soulja mixtape collections at one point because at one point he was my favorite rapper. i heard of soulja boy for the first time back in 05 during “walk n talk” at mt. carmel. when snrs dropped, i was shirtless in front of blackburn, big draco shit! lol anyway here are my favorite joints. they can all be found on

10. my way of life.

listen to: swag flu, outerspace flow, inked and tatted.

9.datpiff .

listen to: twitter goin ham.

8. supaman.

listen to: crank dat, shootout, pimp slap dat hoe.

7. teenage millionaire.

listen to: pretty boy swag.

6. 1up.

listen to: snrs.

5. teen of the south.

listen to: gucci bandana, shopping spree, photo shoot.

4. smooky.

listen to: smooky, i love you smooky, jock my stance, smook dawg.

3. 21: ep.

listen to: my city.

2. juice.

listen to: zan lean, too juiced up.

1. pretty boy millionaires (with lil b)

listen to: cooking dance, swag on my dick, cook that bitch, all i know.

honrable mentions:

  1. supreme.

  2. last crown.

  3. bernard arnault ep.

Kelvin Hicks